Champion Amber Female Labrador Retriever

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Champion Amber

DOB: 09-03-2015



Amber is a lovely yellow girl who is a pleasure to own and live with. She showed lots of potential in the show ring since the age of 4 months. Amber’s soft temperament is a perfect match to her gentle facial expression – a true Labrador in every sense of the word.

Amber arrived in SA at the age of 11 weeks in one crate along with her brother Baloo, who is owned by my friend and co-breeder, Sandy Borralho. Sandy and her husband Carlos made the long trip to Sweden to meet their breeder, Monica Jarl Winnberg, and accompanied the 2 puppies all the way back to South Africa. Thanks a million to Sandy and Carlos for bringing Amber safely home. We appreciate your assistance tremendously.

We trust that Amber will follow into the footsteps of our other Seabirds Labs, Trotter and Maggie, growing up into a very fine example of the Labrador breed. We trust that her offspring will in future make a noticeable contribution to the Labrador gene pool in South Africa – in particular to the yellow gene pool.

Amber made her debut in the show ring at the age of 4 months in Baby Puppy Class, and her exceptional beauty and potential was appreciated and highly awarded by various local and international judges. She won Best Baby Puppy in Show at All Breed shows no less than 3 times, the first of these wonderful wins was under the world famous Labrador specialist and internationally acclaimed judge, Mrs Rose-Marie Cabion. We thank Mrs Cabion as well as the other international and national judges for awarding her the top awards in her age group. We trust she will be made up into a show champion soon (after age 18 months, as per Kusa requirements).

Many thanks to Monica Jarl Winnberg (Seabirds Kennel – Sweden) for allocating another awesome Seabirds puppy to our kennel – we love her dearly and will always be grateful!

Amber pic 2 for her page


Elbows & Hips: Elbows 0:0; Hips: A1-A1;
PRA: Clear; EIC: Clear
Colour Inheritance: Pure for Yellow (no chocolate)


Amber pic 3A standing

SA Champion (2016) at the age of 18 months!


1x RBOB; 3x CC; 3x RCC;
1x Best Baby Puppy in Show 2 (All Breed show)
3x Best Baby Puppy in Show!!! (All Breed shows)
4x Best Puppy in Breed; 2x Best Puppy in Group 2nd Place
1x Best Puppy Group 1; 1x Best Puppy in Show (Speciality Gundog Show Cape Town)
1x Best Junior in Breed

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Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
NORD UCH DK JV-13 Annuals Poker Star SE U(U)CH Seawind Polish Poker Wit’s End Jacks or Better at Blackw CH Blackwing Superfine
CH Witt End Windfall Vegas Show Girl
US CH Allegheny’s Bells of Ireland Dickendall Buckstone Superman
CH Allegheny’s Gem of Caer Bren
SE U(U)CH Annual’s Texas Rose SE U(U)CH Annual’s Trendsetter Mallorns Romeo
CH Abbeystead Tranquill
Annuals Navy Girl CH Jayncourt Natural Star
Annuals Crème Fraiche
SE V-09 SE U(U)CH SE VCH Sea-Birds All You Dream About DK UCH SE U(U)CH Follies Traveller CH Loch Mor Spencer SH CH (UK) Sandylands Gadabout
CH FinV-02 Amber
FI UCH Rosanan Ice Follies CH NordV-01-02 Follies Storm Petrel
CH Rosanan Be My Rose
Sea-Birds Nothing to Declare Genisval High Hopes Ludalor Lloyd
Balnova Cornflower at Ginisval
Sea-Birds Effervescent Mist Palcon’s Wise Guy
CH Country Song’s Silver Mist