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DOB: 21-12-2013

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Trix joined our household as a tiny puppy. She was such a good girl from the word go, easy to train, easy to live with and keen to please – a lovely example of true Labrador temperament. She enjoys going to training/socialization classes and loves the company of other dogs as well as that of new human friends.

Trix is lively and energetic however calms down easily and shows a laid-back and relaxed temperament.  Strangely enough as a youngster she enjoyed the same type of games as her daddy Hubert: carrying around the food bowls, running around with dog bedding and blankets – must be hereditary?!

Born from the first litter Hubert sired, she was a promising young girl right from the start with loads of potential. She has grown into a lovely example of the Labrador breed, both in physical appearance and in temperament.

I would like to thank her breeder, Daniel Kritzinger (Kennel Dennegeur, Stellenbosch, SA) for entrusting her to us.  We love her dearly and she found a place here as a much appreciated member of our family and household.

Border Labrador Breeder south africa

Trix Pic 2 Bokant Test Results


Elbows & Hips: Elbows 0:0; Hips: A2-A2;

PRA: Clear; EIC: Clear

Colour Inheritance: Black carries Yellow

Border Labrador Breeder south africa


Trix Pic 3 Onderkant van haar page

1x BOB (FCI Show); 1x CC; 3x RCC;

2x Best Puppy in Group; 2x Best Puppy in Breed;

1x Best Baby Puppy in Breed

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Border Labrador Breeder south africa


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