Oscar Male Labrador Retriever

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DOB: 26-05-2015

Oscar Head New Pic 1



My American friend, Nita, always used to say: “If you find something really good, remember to always get two!”

The previous year we found Maggie and saw that she was good, actually very good. My friend, Monica Jarl Winnberg, Seabirds Kennel in Sweden, also saw that Maggie’s litter was good, very good.  A repeat with the same combination of this successful mating was done the following year.  Fortunately I remembered the good advice of my friend Nita, and I asked Monica to please send me another one, but let’s have a boy pup for the second round!

The rest is more or less history by now.  Oscar arrived, along with his litter sister Nica, who went to Sandy Borralho, Kennel Mirain in SA.

Oscar is a busy boy with loads of energy and he loves to carry everything around.  He has an amazing love for water similar to his sister Maggie.  Never a dull moment with him around, and he ensures you keep fit.  You can fill up his water bowl every 3 minutes: the moment you fill it up he will get into it with all fours and splash everything out! Despite all, he is a lovely, loving boy who thrives on love, attention and play.

He has an amazingly soft temperament and a look in his eyes that makes you forgive him every sin he has ever committed!

Oscar was shown only a few times in Baby Puppy Class during the 2015 Cape Town shows. After having had a rather “slow start” in the show ring, and at the age of about 10 months he finally decided he wants to become a show-dog, and he started showing his heart out! At the young age of only 14 months old he already has a very successful show career, and as boys take time to mature, we are looking forward to even more success with him in future.

Many thanks to Monica Jarl Winnberg (Seabirds Kennel – Sweden) for allocating another awesome Seabirds puppy to our kennel, the fourth one – we love him dearly and will always be grateful!

Border Labrador Breeder south africa

Oscar Jul 2016.1


Elbows & Hips: Elbows 0:0; Hips: A1-A2;

PRA: Clear; EIC: Clear

Colour Inheritance: Pure for Chocolate (no yellow)

Border Labrador Breeder south africa

SHOW RESULTS 2015 -2016:

1x BOB; 1x RBOB; 3x CC;

3x Best Male Baby Puppy in Breed 2 (All Breed shows)

1x Best Baby Puppy in Breed + Best Baby Puppy in Group 1 (All Breed shows)

 2x Best Puppy in Breed;

3x Best Junior in Breed;  3x Best Junior in Group

 Baby Oscar with frame

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Coco Loco’s X-File







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US CH Hunt Club Clayview Brown Derby
Lubberline Chocolate Factory


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