Chocolate Labrador Puppies

Amadeuze Labrador Retriever Puppies

Chocolate  Labrador Puppies in a bucket

Before I was Born


  • An adorable and healthy puppy, 8 weeks old, bred from healthy, parents tested and free from all known health issues particularly relevant to the Labrador breed or to which this breed is prone;
  • Puppies will be dewormed by the ages of 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks old;
  • Puppies will be vaccinated (by a Veterinarian) by the age of 4 weeks and 6 weeks old;
  • Puppies will be microchipped (by a Veterinarian) when 6 weeks old;
  • Puppies will be examined and inspected by a Veterinarian when 4 weeks old and when 6 weeks old to ensure all puppies are healthy and fit for adoption;
  • Puppy visitors are allowed and encouraged provided that puppies are at least 5-6 weeks old and having had their first Parvu inoculations;
  • Puppies will receive their first flea- and tick spot-on treatment when 6 weeks old;
  • Puppies will be registered with the KUSA and new owners will have the privilege to assist in picking registered names within specific guidelines;
  • Kusa registration papers will be posted to new owners when received from the KUSA;
  • Puppies will be assessed individually by an experienced, qualified animal behaviorist. A written puppy aptitude test report will be issued which is of great help in placing the most suitable puppy with each family;
  • All puppies are sold with breeding restrictions from KUSA. Should the new owners be interested in breeding from them when fully grown, please note that breeding restrictions will apply and only be lifted under certain conditions. Including that the owner is a paid-up KUSA member with an active KUSA kennel affix (Kennel name);
  • Transport (flights) can be arranged for puppies travelling to far-off destinations. We are available to assists with flights bookings, obtaining flight crates and to deliver puppies to the airport;
  • New puppy owners who are within reach to collect their puppies from us will be requested to please proceed doing so. We do not offer delivery via road trips to other destinations except to the airport;
  • Puppies will be going home with a small gift from us, usually included herewith is their first size collar and lead as well as a little blanket/soft toy for comfort;
  • Puppies are sold with a Terms of Agreement document (Contract), signed by the breeder and new owner in the presence of 2 witnesses, which includes an agreement that the puppy should not be sold, put down or re-homed without contacting me (the breeder) first, who has the right to call back the agreement, should circumstances deem it necessary;
  • Our dogs and puppies are being fed top quality dry dog food. Puppies will be going home when 8 weeks old with a complimentary food voucher from Royal Canin.  However the new owner remains responsible for purchasing the first bag of puppy food before welcoming their new puppy home.
  • New owners will receive complete instructions/guidelines regarding care and feeding for their new puppy;
  • New owners can be assured that we will sincerely appreciate regular feed-back (with pictures, if possible) regarding the well-being, growth and development of the puppy, and that we can be contacted at any time for advice when needed!
  • New owners are responsible for providing bedding and toys for their puppies. Should they be interested in purchasing Rogz products at a good price they are welcome to contact me well in advance so that the items can be ordered from the distributors. I am an agent for Rogz products which includes a wide range of beds, toys and collars & leads.