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Breeder of KUSA registered Labrador puppies

Amadeuze proudly presents our Labrador Retrievers, a group of outstanding Labradors both in temperament and physical appearance. We are a Labrador breeder in South Africa that selectively breeds Labradors for happy, healthy Labrador puppies. By breeding only from healthy, tested dogs and bitches with sound temperaments, we strive to make a positive contribution to the Labrador gene pool in our country as well as to provide families with wonderful Labradors as family pets and companions of outstanding quality.
Please meet the Amadeuze Labrador team: Our breeding Labradors, studs and bitches, our Labradors on show team and also our Labrador family pets and companions.



Labradors are unique representatives of the dog family. The late, legendary Mrs Mary Roslin-Williams described the Labrador Retriever as follows:

“One of the greatest qualities of a Labrador is that they are happy, friendly, charming dogs, good-tempered, easily trainable, eager to please and devoted to their ‘families’ down to the very youngest member of the household. They will put up with almost anything from children and even get fond of the cat, if it treats the ‘new boy’ decently.”

Amadeuze Labradors display all these tremendous qualities that make Labrador puppies one of the most popular choices for a family dog worldwide. Labrador Retrievers are good companions to both men and women. Labradors are great house-dogs as Labradors are people orientated and guard their family . As a Retriever they are excellent shooting dogs, as this is the job for which they are bred, They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and can be trained from small pleasures like fetching the newspaper and your slippers to service dogs that guide the blind and mountain and water rescue dogs.

No doubt – Labs personify what we love most about dogs


Anyone that meets an Amadeuze Labrador puppy falls in love with the breed due to the kind nature of Amadeuze Labradors. Our Labrador puppies are adopted all over the Africa Continent and are the most impressive and loyal ambassadors of our kennel.



Amadeuze Labrador Retriever Breeder kennel promise

Amadeuze Labrador Breeder strive to breed top-quality, healthy and beautiful Labrador puppies. All our breeding Labrador studs and bitches are x-rayed and have excellent scores on hips and elbows, and all the Labrador puppies will be x-rayed and graded before considered for future breeding purposes. All of our Labradors are also PRA clear (by parentage), which means they can never produce Labrador puppies that are infected by active PRA, an eye disease that causes dogs to go blind after a few years. Careful selection and matching of pedigrees (bloodlines) will always be the first consideration when breeding to any of our Labs.
Amadeuze Labrador Breeder is proud to say that all of our Labs have wonderful temperaments which they pass on to their offspring. All the Labrador puppies bred by Amadeuze Labrador Breeder are evaluated at the age of 7 weeks by a professional, qualified Animal Behaviorist. Labrador puppies are tested to determine their individual qualities, temperament type, activity levels and reaction to stressful situations before being allocated to families. We find these tests are invaluable in correctly allocating each Labrador puppy to the most suitable family, and vice versa.