Planned Labrador Litters

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Planned Labrador Puppies 2019

Black & Chocolate Labrador Puppies

Expected early September 2019!

We are awaiting the birth of a black and chocolate litter from our champion girl Millie.
This upcoming litter was sired by a lovely young boy, also a show champion, Matthys.

More info about Millie on our webpage; Our Girls – champion Millie.

More info about Matthys at the following link

Adopt an adult Labrador

Labrador females (bitches retired from breeding for various reasons) may become available for adoption to approved homes from time to time.  

Email me at the contact email to express your interest in adopting a retired Labrador.

How to adopt an Amadeuze Labrador Puppy

See ‘How to adopt an Amadeuze Labrador puppy’

Read this before adopting an Amadeuze Labrador puppy:

Matters to consider before adopting a puppy