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1 week 3 days ago

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1 month 2 days ago

Millie's Six @ 25 days old.
Happiness all around with these pretty pups, as good as gold, growing like grass and Millie being a super mom to this last litter of hers.
The puppies are on Classical Music now (Baroque) plus solid food and lots of love. I still figure out plans how to keep all of them, but 6 very excited new puppy owners are going to come down on me, for sure (not even to mention my own family!)

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1 month 1 week ago

Millie and her Super Six
3 weeks old today and they indulged in their first solid meal. Big fun and lots of messing too!
Wonderful litter, wish I could keep them all but they have lovely homes awaiting them 😍

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1 month 3 weeks ago

Millie & Mauser puppies, one week old on 21-04-21. The 6-pack are doing very well with Millie being a super Mom to this last litter of hers. I wish they can all stay but it seems all of them have lovely homes awaiting them. Pardon the photo quality, the camera and lighting didn't come together well enought to do justice to their natural colour. All of them are a nice rich dark chocolate colour, except Blue boy (the biggest in the litter) who is a tone lighter than his siblings. But they are all lovely, and most important, they all grow very well and seem to be happy, healthy and content puppies.

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1 month 4 weeks ago

Millie (Ch Brumoso Milica Diante of Amadeuze) and Mauser (Amadeuze Prince Zauber) surprised us with this lovely chocolate litter yesterday: 3 boys and 3 girls.

Millie is a daughter of the late Trotter, bred by Odette Snyman, and Mauser was homebred from Oscar lines.

This will sadly be Millie's last litter before retiring from breeding. She is a wonderful brood bitch with excellent maternal instincts and gave us a few beautiful litters.
Most of the puppies of this litter are already spoken for.

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4 months 5 days ago

Freya surprised us with 2 lovely chocolate girls. Alpha & Omega - nothing in-between! Born with a C-Section to give them a low-risk start and one week later both girls are still doing very well, growing well, eat, sleep and %$# like newborns are supposed to do. 😁
We are looking forward to see how they grow and develop over the next couple of weeks. Thank you Freya for these 2 lovely girls, we love them to bits! 😍❤😘
Both girls are already spoken for.
Askies né.

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4 months 2 weeks ago

Evie (Amadeuze Rustl of Spring) and Don (Ch Ablesing Don Giovanni of Amadeuze) gave us a lovely black litter. We have 3 boys and 3 girls. They are doing very well, grown much in 3 days and are gaining weight very well. On top of that they are really good babies, quiet and content - eat, sleep and poop and repeat LOL. So blessed with this beautiful, healthy litter! Thank you Evie, a job well done at the end, although not an easy whelp for the first time around.

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4 months 3 weeks ago

Sokkies growing up!

Queen Bee and her Queen Bee partner @ their Caste in Bethlehem, Free State.

Bella (ala Sokkies) was bred from Miekie and Don, now age 4 months
Her canine sister Roxy, now 16 months old, was also bred by us from Millie and Matthys.

Thanks to Lyzelle and John Craven for loving them and taking such good care of these 2 lovely girls. 💕💖

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5 months 4 days ago

2021 start with Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!
First a black litter from Evie & Don, and soon after a chocolate litter from Freya & Mauser. How exciting, looking forward to meet all the gorgeous new Amadeuze puppies, and wishing Evie and Freya smooth deliveries and easy babies with their first litters. 💞💓

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5 months 2 weeks ago

Amadeuze Labradors wishes all our friends a very Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year!
We have exciting news - a black litter coming up in January from Don & Evie. Looking forward to meet these new black diamonds, if they look anything like Don or Evie, they should be fairly soft on the eye at least!