Tinky Dachshund Amadeuze Breeder South Africa



DOB: 05-11-2008


Tinkerbell was a birthday gift to our daughter Mariska on her 13th birthday. We all fell in love with this sweet miniature wired haired Dachshund (mini wire Daxie, in short!) Mariska enjoyed showing Tinkerbell. Tinky was very successful in the show ring and soon made into a breed champion. It was always so funny to see the tiny Tinkerbell in die Best of Breed line-up standing next to the “huge” Irish Wolfhounds! She obviously felt a bit intimidated by the “giant” behind her, but she stood firm and did what she had to do to be a good show dog J

 Tinkerbell is very attached to the Labradors, and her favourite resting spot is right on the back of Poplap, where it is soft and warm. As she is so small (less than 4kg) we decided not to breed to her, but to enjoy her as a pet only.

Tinkerbell was bred by the late Mrs Marie Stewart. We enjoy having her as part of our household and family, and will always treasure the legacy Marie has left us in her.

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3x CCs; 6x RCC

2x BOB